Frances Tsalas



Makeup artist Frances Tsalas knew she had a love for makeup and hair at a very early age. She would use her allowance to collect Vogue Magazines, Mademoiselle, Glamour, and used the magazine tears to replicate the looks on her willing subjects. Frances is a self-taught makeup artist; hair stylist started her creative journey in Theater. Followed by an illustrious career at MAC cosmetics in the early 90’s. Frances brings years of experience working in commercials, music videos, fashion shows and special effects... Frances has worked with legendary photographer Victor Skrebneski on numerous projects. Photographers Don Flood, Julian Dufort, Greg Lotus and Race Willard to name a few... Frances has also worked with the Amazing actress/director Liv Ullman, Danny Glover, Joan Allen, Michael Cera, Tavi Gevinson, Kieran Culkin, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, and Cindy Crawford, television celebrities local and international. Clients include: Amazon, NFL, Alcon, Revlon, ArtVan, Lotto, Nordstrom and ShopBop. Magazines include: Paper, GQ, Money Magazine, Italian Vogue, and New Beauty Frances is recognized for her clean aesthetic, gorgeous and flawless skin and her knowledge of art, photography, fashion, film and beauty. Frances brings wit, professionalism and the great energy on set. Making her talent feel beautiful and confident